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Financial Incentives

Golden Executive has as one of its main services, providing support to companies wishing to apply for incentive systems.

The programs aim to finance various investment activities as skills, entrepreneurship, business creation, internationalization and innovation.


  • Research and Technological Development;
  • Internationalization and Qualification;
  • Innovation;
  • Si2e;
  • Mar2020.


  • Development and implementation of an accounting system to evaluate the performance of business areas, products and activities;
  • Budgeting and Management Control;
  • Fixed Asset Management.


  • RFAI;
  • DLRR.


  • Employment Support and Incentives.


What are the most relevant tax instruments for supporting your company's investment?

Good tax planning

Good tax planning is aimed at making decisions that optimize business taxation. One aspect that is very important to retain is the importance that the accountant assumes in this process, particularly in terms of tax incentives.

The capitalization of the investment together with the minimization of the fiscal impact, through the tax benefits to the investment, certainly confer competitive advantages, benefiting the increase in the profitability of the company.

It is understood why managers do not know the real possibilities of eligibility of their companies to the regimes provided for in the Investment Tax Code. Being the companies mostly micro and SMEs, easily the manager is focused on aspects more directed to the operational and business development aspect than properly to the fiscal and financial area of the company.

For this reason, your Certified Accountant must play a decisive and strategic role in this area. He must make use of the knowledge and proximity he holds of his company in order to clarify about the tax legislation in force and advise on the tax measures he can benefit from in order to reduce the amount of taxes payable.

A tax planning and savings strategy is a source of value creation for the company.

Right investments

Investing in the right accounting service saves you headaches and empowers to ally yourself with a strategic partner (your certified accountant) who will certainly take a closer approach to managing your business.

Well advised by your accountant, tax planning can gain prominence in the management of your company. Not only can you make the best decisions about productive investment for your company, but measures can also be put in place to aim at greater tax efficiency.

These, of course, are differentiating factors in the relationship you maintain with your accountant. It is also the accountant’s job to dictate greater use of the various options of tax incentives on the part of his clients – as long as they are eligible, of course!

Generally, entrepreneurs assume that they need more support in the management of the company. Is that your case?

Most important Tax Benefits

Investment Support Tax Scheme

The RFAI is a tax benefit that allows companies to deduct a percentage of the investment made from the collection. It is also dependent on job creation.

Deduction for Retained and Reinvested Profits

DLRR constitutes a scheme that allows deduction for retained and reinvested profits. It translates into a measure of incentive to companies that allows the deduction of irc collection of retained earnings and that are reinvested.

System of Tax Incentives in Business Research and Development

SIFIDE II aims to support Research and Development activities by deducting the amount of IRC collection corresponding to a percentage of the amount of expenditure associated with those projects.

Mention that there are more tax benefits than those mentioned above. However, it was only a small sample of the predominance of our level of activity with our customers.

Generally, entrepreneurs assume that they need more support in the management of the company. Is that your case?