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We believe our customers need to focus on the essentials of their business.

For this reason, we have developed comprehensive and specialized accounting services to reduce structural costs and increase the quality and efficiency of your business management.


  • Monitoring and alerts of a fiscal nature;
  • Execution of General Accounting in accordance with national rules (SNC);
  • Analysis and Periodic Reports to support Management;
  • Preparation of the financial statements and their attachments;
  • Account Consolidation.


  • Development and implementation of an accounting system to evaluate the performance of business areas, products and activities;
  • Budgeting and Management Control;
  • Fixed Asset Management.


  • Clearance, preparation and filing of IVA returns;
  • Clearance, preparation and submission of Periodic Statements of withholding withholding in IRS, IRC and Stamp Duty;
  • Clearance, preparation and submission of Income Statements Model 22 and Simplified Business Information (IES);
  • Other Declarative Obligations.


  • Accounting is performed by Customer's Internal Services;
  • Responsibility with Certified Accountants;
  • Frequent travel to customers' premises to ensure compliance with national requirements.


  • Design and implementation of management information;
  • Support in the preparation of budgets;
  • Budgetary control;
  • Analysis report and optimization suggestions.


Here are a few accounting tips

Don't mix accounts
As much as you own your own business, keep in mind the idea that it is exclusive and don't mix it with your personal universe. Start by having one business account and one personal account and don't use them for the same purposes. In other words, having a company-only bank account where there are only the company's transactions will save endless hours of puzzlement when it's time to account for deductible business expenses. Even though at some point you may be contributing capital in terms of personal assets to your business, make sure all these procedures are properly documented.

Don't mix accounts It is important that your accounting service is adjusted to the real needs of your company.

Don't miss out on any expenses
Always evaluating the cash flow, it is important to identify and categorise each and every expense in the sense that this will facilitate an overall analysis that can enhance tax credits. Even if the transactions are in cash, keep the documents (receipts) and if possible, digitalise them so that everything is organised in the same place. In this way, it will be possible to calculate at all times the benefits for the costs occurred to the company.

Entrepreneurs generally assume that they need more support in managing their business. Is this the case for you?

Hire a Pro
To help you categorise expenditure, document income and stay focused on cash flow, consider hiring a chartered accountant (CPA). You may not need their services full time, but a few hours a week or month will make a difference in the "bookkeeping life" of your business and save you the burden. This professional will keep all the records up-to-date and organised, and has a know-how that is advantageous when it comes to minimising risks.

An accounting firm should provide a holistic view of management services to the client.

Control your costs
By controlling, with the help of a professional, the cash flow and all the relevant documents that constitute it, try to always have an almost current notion of the company's balance sheet. It is important to always be on top of events to avoid surprises and maximise possible benefits!