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Virtual Office

Virtual Offices are the right solution for companies or professionals, for individuals who develop their work at home and for foreign companies that want national domiciliation in the initial phase of integration in the Portuguese market.

As such, Golden Executive allows you to create your business or subsidiary without the need for investment or physical space to set up.
The virtual office is a space that you can use for as long as you want, through a service contract, choosing solutions that meet your needs.

Main Advantages

  • Cost savings from 70% to 90%
  • Exclusion of office purchase or lease costs, administrative personnel expenses, fixed costs (telephone line, electricity, water, cleaning and other logistics costs).
  • Increased credibility of your business;
  • Existence of a prestigious business address, as your company will be headquartered in a modern office;
  • Use of meeting room with free internet access, where you can welcome your customers and suppliers or meet with your team, as if it were your own space;
  • Company headquarters;
  • Guarantee of receipt of Mail and Orders;
  • Access to Common Areas.

Contact us and give your business a meritorious successful address now in Lisbon area!