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Tax Advisory

In the context of taxation, Golden Executive has a vast experience in the planning preparation and tax advice of our Clients, as well as in the assessment and monitoring of their compliance with their tax obligations.

As such, the achievement of the least fiscally onerous solutions is a prime objective, namely through:

  • Regular tax advice and monitoring;
  • Identification of solutions to maximise the company's tax efficiency;
  • Preparation of documentation and dossier processes in compliance with current obligations;
  • Carrying out preventative tax audits;
  • Support and monitoring of inspections by the tax authorities;
  • Carrying out tax due-diligence;
  • Support for litigation - tax claims and impugnations;
  • Applicable regime for non-resident payments (DTI).


Why should you hire tax advisory services?

1. minimises the risks of the operations.
By hiring a tax advisory service, you can count on highly trained professionals for the perception and control of risks, with a view to minimising losses and increasing profits.
With the large number of fiscal and tax requirements and the increase in the inspection process, counting on advice and consultancy offers more security in the regularity of the business, which means that the company is free of any fiscal, tax or financial risk.
Besides being a specialist in the subject, a tax consultancy has all the necessary tools to verify and control the information, resulting in reports that faithfully portray the reality of the business.

It is important that your tax advisory service is adjusted to the real needs of your company.

2. Increases competitive advantage
There's no doubt about it: with tax advice as an ally, the whole team can focus on the company's main objective, without the need to worry about bureaucratic issues that require extra attention. In other words, by transferring the fiscal responsibility to an advisory service, it is possible to focus on higher quality and productivity, thus generating more value and competitiveness to the organisation.

Generally, entrepreneurs assume that they need more support in managing their business. Is this the case for you?

3. Reduces costs
Have you ever evaluated how much it costs to maintain a fiscal department within your company? There are expenses with hiring and training employees, with investment in equipment and systems, in short, the costs of maintaining a fiscal sector are enormous.
By hiring a consultancy, all tax, accounting and human resources obligations will be up to date in the same way, with the difference that costs are reduced and the internal team can focus on what really has priority.
Furthermore, with the help of a fiscal advisory service, it is possible to have the advantage of fiscal and tax planning and control, through forecasts and management reports;
the constant updating of the relevant legislation, identifying the legal benefits for the business;
preventive and corrective auditing, as a way of safeguarding the regularity and legal security of the activities.

A tax advisory office should provide a holistic view of management services to the client.

4. Optimises working time
Another major point when hiring a tax advisory service is time optimisation. For example, with a tax sector within the company, employees are often not up-to-date on the laws and tools available, which leads to a longer time to perform tasks.
With the right support, employees are freed to carry out their routine activities with greater productivity (as bureaucratic tasks are concentrated on those with ownership) and the ability to find the best solutions in less time.

At Golden executive you will find experience combined with technical rigour.

5. Performs correct taxation calculations
It is not uncommon for companies to receive notices from tax authorities for not complying with legislation, submitting wrong or inconsistent information and being penalised for these failures.
Hiring a tax consultancy does not leave room for errors and flaws in the process of making the calculations. This is because its team has the technical expertise to comply with all the legislation - which generates savings for the company and the correct compliance with its obligations.
Remember that the choice of a company specialised in fiscal advisory services must be based on good market recommendations and the delivery of quality to clients. It is essential to check the origin and references before making any decision.