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We are the ideal partner for creating value in your business. Bet and achieve successful results!

We are a company dedicated to providing support and solutions to adversities that companies often face, due to the strong business competition we are experiencing everyday.

We have a set of services, starting with the identification of business opportunities and the establishment of goals to be achieved, through a forecast study of the costs that the company will have to bear as well as the income it intends to achieve.

We believe we can play a decisive role in ensuring sustainability and supporting the growth of our customers' business.

We analyze possible sources of funding to start up the business, which can come from capital from the Structural Funds (incentive systems), bank loans and other borrowed funds.

We provide structured and ongoing support to business formation, directing and addressing the entire bureaucratic process.

We have a specialized team that provides permanent support in the vital areas of the Companies, providing an excellent service and consistent with the needs of the customer.

With a lightweight, flexible, competent and effective structure, Golden Executive supports clients in managing their business by providing differentiated services and solutions that promote financial information excellence and improve the decision processes.